5 reasons why you should visit Bariloche, Argentina

I visited Bariloche for the first time 10 years ago. At that time, I hadn’t traveled much, so I was fascinated. Now that I came back, I realized that that feeling had nothing to do with my lack of travel experience. Bariloche is stunning and it blows your mind every time you go there.

I know that other Argentinian attractions like Iguazú Falls, Perito Moreno glacier and Puerto Madryn are on the top of the list of places you should visit if you come to Argentina. And I agree. But, trust me, Bariloche is a must and here are the reasons.

Breathtaking landscapes

When you arrive in Bariloche, Rio Negro province, Nahuel Huapi Lake welcomes you with its blue water, surrounded by mountains and green areas. No matter if you stay at the cheapest hostel or the most luxury resort: you will have a great view of the lake at the moment you walk around the corner and look to the north.

In Bariloche there are many places to visit just taking a bus or with a private tour. I recommend going to Cerro Campanario (25 km from the center of the city) to get the best view of Bariloche. It’s something unique. Not exaggerated.

View of Bariloche from Cerro Campanario

Other fantastic tours you will enjoy if you visit Bariloche are sailing to Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest, Puerto Blest and Cántaros Waterfall and much more!

Chocolate everywhere

When I said to a friend that I was going to Bariloche, the first thing he told me was “Bring me chocolate!” Yes, Bariloche is the city of chocolate and that’s enough reason to visit it! While we don’t have cocoa seeds in our country, there are lots of chocolate factories. The most famous are Mamushka and Rapa Nui. But just a little walk in the city and you can visit A LOT of chocolate stores. Yummy!

One of the most famous chocolate stores in Bariloche

Good infrastructure

This is not something you can say about every Argentinian city, but in Bariloche you can find everything you need. There’s a huge accommodation offer: hotels, hostels, apartments, cabins, luxury resorts, camping areas. You can stay in the middle of the city or mountain, near the lake or close to a ski slope: you choose! Find here the best accommodation in Bariloche

Llao Llao, a luxury resort surrounded by lakes and mountains.

You can also find good transportation: six airlines fly to Bariloche from other Argentinian cities (Buenos Aires, Mendoza, El Calafate, Córdoba and Rosario) and also from São Paulo, Brazil. At the airport, you can take a van, a bus or rent a car and you’ll be in the city in less than 30 minutes. You can also book a private transfer. Bariloche has buses that connect with many places and there’s a free app to see the itinerary.

The best time to visit Bariloche

You can visit Bariloche at any time and enjoy every single day. The snowfall starts in June and you can ski or snowboard on Cerro Catedral until the last days of September. Then, the spring arrives: the peaks still have snow and the trees start to blossom. During the summer (December to March) you can enjoy more pleasant temperature and very little rain: the best time for trekking, kayak and other sports… and to taste a craft beer at the end of the day!

Victoria Island, a quite place for a walk into the woods.

An open door to Patagonia

Bariloche is a good place to stay if you want to visit nearby cities with a private tour or just taking a bus. A day in Villa La Angostura is a great idea: the lake’s view with a little beach is amazing. You may also want to visit San Martin de los Andes, a charming town with wooden houses and roses and pines on the streets. Another great option is the Cruce Andino: go to Chile by ship! In an 11 hours trip, you’ll sail through lakes and cross the Andes. I tell more about it here: My trip to Patagonia Argentina: Bariloche, Villa La Angostura and San Martín de los Andes

Villa La Angostura

Ale Saras

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  1. There’s not the best time to visit Bariloche seria There’s no best time to visit Bariloche. 🙂 Me encanto tu articulo Ale. Creo que depende mucho de donde viene el turista. Creo que Salta y Jujuy para el turista Erupeo tiene mas atractivo ya que aca tienen vistas «similares» en Alemania, Austria etc. pero NADA como Purmamarca y Hornocal 🙂

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